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Ashlynn by Inviting Play 17-18"


Ashlynn came to the woods with me.  I probably can't describe how lovely this photo shoot was - a large pileated woodpecker kept flying by - Ashlynn loved it.  The photos came back clear...

Ashlynn is constructed like all of the dressable Inviting Play dolls this year:  She is stuffed with wool but deep inside has the Inviting Play armature which allows her legs, neck, and arms to bend slightly and hold their bend.  She feels like a firmly stuffed wool and cotton doll and she is entirely made by me. 
Her hair is commerical mohair weft; a warm shade of brown with red tones.  She has dark dark brown eyes and she has pale skin.  So far she has cotton undies, super fun spotted short pants, and a top with a collecting pocket.  She will also come with socks, shoes, and a hat (not pictured). 

Please note: NO ANGELS /  ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD.  I'm leaving her drawing style listing up for many hours (3pm - 11pm Eastern) in hopes that if you'd like to enter to take her home, you will be awake during daylight hours for at least some portion of her drawing window.  As such, there will be no need for angels and you may only enter 1 time per household.  This policy is different than my last drawing style sale and reflects my hope to sell my dolls in many ways to accommodate the broad shopping characteristics of my customers.  

Also, please note:  I will most likely be unavailable during and directly after Ashlynn's sale as I will be north bound to catch a log rolling tournament and some camping.   Ashlynn will ship out within 5 business days of purchase.  SO!:  if you have questions about Ashlynn or wish to chat about dolls or this sweet girl - please contact me prior to July 30th. or via facebook pm. She is a typical IP girl and is growing more and more comfortable in her skin by the moment. 

The gorgeous blanket Ashlynn is atop is not for sale and was made by Deborah at Mini Me Woolies

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 

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Ashlynn will ship within five business days. I charge exact shipping and refund overages. Thank you! I charge exact shipping costs and refund shipping overages :)

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