Lovis - a little doll


Lovis is a real summer girl. She has just had her summer haircut and sometimes her hair is doing crazy things. She loves it!!!

Lovis is around 12 inches tall, her skin is swiss cotton, she stuffed with clean sheep wool, her hair is handspun dark purple wool. 
She comes in a handknit dress, capri jeans and slouchy sock boots ;) 

Like all my dolls she is made from my own pattern and not suitable for children -she refuses to be a toy ;)

Please note that the upload will be earlier than most of dollectable so I am still awake in case anything unforseen happens.

And lastly: prices are in swiss francs!

Lovis - a little doll

Lovis - a little doll

Lovis - a little doll

Lovis - a little doll

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