Thea - a 16" waldorf inspired doll


Thea  - a Homemade 16" Natural doll for you

I am so pleased to present to you, Thea a doll that for me is a combination of all the emotions I felt when reading a novel by Anton DiSclafani.
The Yonahlossee Riding camp for Girls, struck a cord with me and I really wanted to embody not only Thea Atwell the heroine, but also her twin brother and her tumultuous relations with the other girls at Yonahlossee.
So here she is a 16" natural doll, made from swiss tricott fabric and stuffed with the sweet smelling Pennsylvania wool of West Earl Woolen Mills.
Her wild main of hair is a combination of no less than 5 handspun yarns from my favourite spinners including but not limited to
Yarn Rescue
Magnolia Handspun
The rest is made up of the wonderful tsunami Dreds and other wool yarns.
Attached to a crochet cap, Theas' hair is such a please to style and play with  - I know you will not be disappointed!!!
Her outfit which embodies (in my opinion) the spirit of a feisty horse riding girl - playful and practical.
Comfy olive green striped leggings , upcycled from brand new Matilda Jane no less. 
Grey linen dress , again upcycled, serves as the perfect riding attire, includes the fun shabby chic headband adorned with an eclectic assortment of buttons.
Included as well, an organic terry cotton infinity scarf, as well as the dreamy cowl hand made by Melissa Anderson.
She also sports Indigo crocheted woollen boots (essential for the Appalachian winters) 

Any questions - please ask!
PM me here

Shipping is 25$ for North America & 50$ for the rest of the World
Thea will be posted within 2 days of purchase

more pictures can be found here

Thea - a 16" waldorf inspired doll

Thea - a 16" waldorf inspired doll

Thea - a 16" waldorf inspired doll

Thea - a 16" waldorf inspired doll

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