Marshmallow by little jenny wren



a 14" little jammy tacker 
little jenny wren dolls

Marshmallow has a best friend called Toffee

Marshmallow doesn't like being called Marsha, so don't OK, just don't.

If you can't say Marshmallow then call her  Lollipop, everyone can say lollipop.

Marshmallow is made from all natural fibres, cotton knit skin fabric, Tasmanian wool stuffing and hand embroidered face.
Her hair is crocheted brushed mohair wig that can be styled and gently brushed.

Her clothes, an angel smock top and old school bloomers have been tea dyed by me.
The smock top is made from a piece of vintage cotton sheeting fabric and is edged with cotton ricrac and features a sweet embroidered duckling. It does up at the back with two vintage shell buttons.
Her bloomers are a self patterned muslin/cheesecloth fabric and are edged with some vintage cotton lace.

I used a gorgeous 1960s vintage pattern to make her clothes

Her little woollen hat and red woollen boots are  hand knit to my own pattern.

Due to small parts and long fibres this doll is not suitable for children aged three years or younger.
The doll and her clothes are fully handwashable.

This doll ships from Australia

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