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Mandy.  She believes in the greater good. Sharing with neighbors.  Gardens and humanity.  She is earthy and disciplined.  She does things for the right reasons.  She excels at individual sports and math.  She is intrinsically kind.  Her greatest desire is a dog.  She is neat and she is an introvert.  She is working on her flexibility and her strength.  She is all that but you can't hate her because she doesn't believe that stuff about herself.  She earnestly thinks she's regular with flaws.  And there's something about that attitude that makes her silly and lovable.

Mandy is a 19" Inviting Play girl with pose-able legs, arms, and neck.  She is made from thick Swiss cotton doll skin and wool.   Her hair is made from commercial mohair weft that I died to a bronzy red.   Her eyes are the typical Inviting Play blue color and her skin tone is a very light tan.  Buried deep inside her woolly muscles is an armature that allows her legs and arms to bend and her neck to bend.  She is very firm and she is long and lean.

She does have freckles but they are light because she is young and because she protects her skin diligently. 

Mandy's clothing has several pieces that were designed just for her and made by me. 

She has an a-line dress tunic made from a light cotton fabric that had pintucks running through it.  It has a clay button with a sunny pattern and it closes in the back with snaps. 

Mandy's underwear consists of cotton micro striped boy short style undies and a pink cotton camisole. 

Mandy has long flared blue jeans that close at the top with a waistband and button. 

Leather moccasin style shoes and cotton socks.

And a slouchy wool and alpaca yarn striped, crocheted hat.

Mandy is not designed or intended for young children.  Please play with her if you are 8 and up. 

Please note: NO ANGELS /  ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD.  I'm leaving this drawing style listing up for many hours (4pm - 10pm Eastern) in hopes that if you'd like to enter to take her home, you will be awake during daylight hours for at least some portion of the drawing window.  As such, there will be no need for angels and you may only enter 1 time per household. Thank you!   

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 

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