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Rosie of the Northwoods 12" handmade natural cloth doll


Rosie is a girl born in the northwoods

She is a 12" one of a kind Inviting Play girl made with lots of love and natural ingredients: 
  • her innards are clean sweet wool,
  • she has thick cotton doll skin,
  • camel weft hair,
  • cotton embroidery thread,
  • clothes made from cotton knit and cotton woven fabrics,
  • and boots from crocheted alpaca yarn

Her long long brown hair is made from soft and realistic natural camel weft.  You can braid it, style it in any way, and comb it gently with a wide toothed comb

Rosie sits very well independently; the better to listen to your stories (be warned, she can spin a few of her own yarns too).

Rosie's long sleeved t-shirt closes in the back with 2 sewn on snaps.

Rosie's overalls close with a snap in the back.

Rosie comes with:
  • crocheted rain boot in a soft alpaca navy yarn,
  • cotton undies,
  • knit pants,
  • long sleeved t-shirt,
  • light blue and cream overalls,
  • gnomey stocking hat, and
  • a pinafore that ties in the back.

Due to her long hair, and clothes with snaps, Rosie is best suited for people four years of age and older.

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I will ship out on the next business day. I like to ship priority with insurance for domestic customers and first class package for international customers. If you are international and would like to pay extra for priority or express service, please contact me ( after your purchase and we can arrange that. I carefully wrap the dolls in plastic and then in pretty paper and ribbons. Care instructions will be included. Any shipping overages will be refunded.

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