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Winter Set for 18 to 20+inches dolls, free giveaway by LesPouPZ Handmade


The first day of the year, full of hopes and plans to come, is also the time to turn to the good moments of the year past.
This is an opportunity to say thank you to those who have encouraged, supported and promoted; those who have been able to say yes to all our ideas and who have been able to help us carry out our creativity.
Thanks to you, handmade can have an open window on the net;
crafts(wo)men and artists can enjoy this blessful enthusiastic eye shining on their creations.

To all of you, we say THANK YOU

This winter set is composed of a heavy-cotton flowery dress, with woolen finishings at the wrists and collar; a mohair hand-knit shawl that can also be worn as a nice crown or headband, and a fluffy multi-layered petticoat that will enhance any beautiful dress. 

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