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Scarlett- 14"/15" jointed natural fiber doll with accessories


Meet little Scarlett. She will be available via 24 hour auction. Scarlett is my first storybook inspired set (with a twist...her sweet little wolf dolly is her best friend!)

She is a hefty 14/15" handmade natural fiber doll made of 100% cotton woven fabric and firmly stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is thin/thick wool yarn with mohair highlights. 

"Good morning sleepy head!"

She comes with a large set of delightful goodies! 

-Pocketed dress with separate petticoat 
-Pair of frilly undies 
-Hair tie 
-Reversible cloak (red polka dot /cute mushroom print) 
-Socks and crocheted mary janes 
-A mini wolf rag doll 
-Pie basket with a handmade 100% wool felt pie 
-Lace trimmed nightgown 
-Luxurious bedding: a quilt with wool batting and a wool filled pillow 
-Vintage Storybook 

"Time for a nap...sleep tight." 

 She is firmly jointed at the hips and shoulders with wooden buttons. Scarlett is a collectible doll and not suited for children under 3 due to small parts, but designed for either the adult collector or older children who no longer put thing in their mouths.

"Don't be silly, its just a know that not all wolves are bad..."

"Story time is over, time for pie!"

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