Huck a 14" Waldorf Doll


Meet Huck. This sweet mischievous boy is looking for a new friend who can keep up with his adventures. Huck stands about 14" tall, not including his amazing hair (that he insists can NOT be cut.) He is made of peach swiss tricott fabric and is stuffed with wool. His hair is 100% wool that is a funky thick and thin mix.  

Huck's shirt is starting to get tight, but he insists it is his favorite and will not take it off. He is bringing some shorts with him too, as he is dreaming of some warmer weather.  BUT, like any good Canadian boy, he comes wearing a warm toque just in case.  He loves adventure and his super hero cape is never far just in case he happens to come across any evil villains or there is a little kitten that needs to be saved from a tree. Once he climbs up that tree to get the kitten down you may have a problem getting him down though.


Huck a 14" Waldorf Doll

Huck a 14" Waldorf Doll

Huck a 14" Waldorf Doll

Huck a 14" Waldorf Doll

Tags: Dollectable, Freckles and Frills, waldorf doll, waldorf, doll, wool

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