Viola, an 18" Hokey Dinah Doll


Miss Viola is very excited to be offered here at Dollectable alongside the other beautiful dolls available this evening. It is such a unique group of artists that I am incredibly proud to be a part of. Viola and I are very excited to see each of them find a new home! 

This sweet little lady has been with me for quite a while. It took a long time for me to bring her to be, and I am very happy with who she has become. Viola has beautiful milk chocolate skin, made from Laib Yala doll tricot and has been filled with locally grown suffolk wool. Her eyes and mouth have been sewn with Italian cotton floss and her cheeks lightly blushed with red beeswax. 

Her undergarments (which she asked me not to expose, heehee) have been sewn with organic cotton pointelle and elastic trim. A strand of thick and thin handspun yarn holds the hand felted star to her head; the stitch has been reinforced with a gold plated bead. 

Her necklace is made with leather cording and a pretty golden horse shoe, which she says makes her feel very lucky. Her dress is made with buttercream linen and tatted, ivory trim. The belled sleeves and generous cut give her a boho style that she owns, and wears beautifully. She has a tulle petticoat that holds out the skirt on her dress.

Viola's boots are made with super-supple chocolate leather and have been tied with the same leather cording that made her necklace. Her socks are made from orchid-purple merino wool, and are able to rise thigh high! She's ready for any foot temperature that might come her way. Being toasty is very important.

Last, but not least, Viola's scarf is still on the needles (!!!) but will most certainly be on her body by the morning. The yarn is a welcoming blend of wool, silk, and linen and has an inviting loft and softness that I dare say no one could resist. It will be fastened with handmade buttons made from the wood of a local apple tree. 

Won't you consider making her one of your own? 
Thank you for stopping in to say hello! 

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