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Harriet Inviting Play 18" Red Headed Love


This is Harriet.  She's just a sister and she's talkative and smart and sometimes she gets bored.

But when she's bored, she's funny and creative - so let her be bored, it's a real treat!

Harriet is made from a recently updated version of my medium pattern.  She is slender and tall.

Her eyes are bluish grey and her hair is golden red with a variety of hues.  Her hair is angora mohair curl locks that I bought directly from Coon Hollow Farm in Montana.  I wefted, washed, washed again, dyed, and rewashed them in a loving long process that brought out glorious shiny, soft curls. 

This kind of hair, while time consuming, is the most rewarding for me to make.  It feels so warm and natural and perfect for a handmade doll.  Though I sewed the locks many times in the wefting and then crocheted them into a wig , some shedding of fiber occurs and they must be handled and played with gently.  Each lock can be gently teased or combed, one by one, over a finger and curls may be restored by spritzing and scrunching. 

Like all my dolls, Harriet is stuffed with wool and sewn from cotton doll skin (Laib Yala).

 Every piece of her attire was designed just for this doll and made by me with my own patterns and hands. 

Harriet is wearing a cotton dress with brilliant blue flowers that sets off her hair.  There are many gathers and lots of fullness. The dress closes in the back with a ribbon tie and a hand sewn snap.  She has grey and pink undies and soft wool Mary Janes that close with vintage German glass buttons. 

Harriet will also come with a casual outfit composed of play pants and a cozy top and hat, which aren't quite finished yet but will be tailored for her before she flies home.  (Harriet will ship within 5 business days of purchase)

Though each of my dolls and their clothing, is double and triple stitched and can be manipulated into many positions and engage in lots of play, they are not appropriate for young children.  This doll in particular, because of her delicate hair and small things like buttons and snaps, is not a play thing for a young child.  In fact, I wouldn't recommend her for children under 8.  She would make a wonderful companion for an older child or adult.  I hope there is someone out there who feels Invited to Play by Harriet and will welcome her into their home.

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Thank you for your support of Inviting Play and all Handmade dolls and doll artists!!

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