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Aurore & the Titmouse


Aurore puts her book down to greet a small titmouse who's just landed on her house. She loves to hear the stories the birds bring back from their adventures out of fairyland. One day she dreams of traveling so far herself.

Aurore's home is needle felted into an old wooden box I stumbled upon in a little vintage shop. I was instantly inspired to create a tiny world within it. The titmouse is needle felted over a wire armature and is attached to the scene. Aurore absolutely refused to be attached in such a manner. After all, how will she ever see the world if she is stuck in a box. Consequently, she may occasionally go missing. But if you leave a small sweet or two out for her I'm sure she'll return. 

She stands 6" high and is wearing an antique lace dress and cotton bloomers. Her wire armature allows her to be gently repositioned. She is not intended for play.

This scene can stand alone or it can be hung on a wall. 

15" high and 7" wide. The box is 2.5" inches deep.

Aurore & the Titmouse

Aurore & the Titmouse

Aurore & the Titmouse

Tags: Dollectable, lavender & lark, fairy doll, ooak faerie, felted

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