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Alice Lea B. NFAD 14,4"


Alice Lea B.

Oneday I have seen a picture of a girl on the fb page. It was a painted girl in black dress with black hair. I stopped for a minute. I returned to that picture the day after, then I started to think about the doll with black hair. That was the bigining of Alice. I have changed her name several times. Finally she is Alice Lea B
As you can see she is a dove doll, gentle, created to be love and to be hug. 

Alice is a natural fiber art doll - 14,4". She has got a wire skeleton from her neck, to her belly, inside her legs and arms, so she can pose differently. She has also wooden knees, so that she could move all her limbs. Her skin was made from Laib Yala cotton.
.She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me where animals are most welcomed :-) All her body was needle felted many many hours.

She has a medium anchor on her chest - this is my baltic signature given to each doll. Please open the link given below to see the pictures with it. 

She's got dark grey eyes, mohair goat hair, knees - made from wooden beading which gives a fine movement, a navel and a bum. 
The shoes yarn was spinned by me :-) 
She is rather slim just like 12 - 16 yo girl. 

What she wears?  pants, two skirts - pink and black- pink, shoes, and the underskirt.  
If you would like me to make a felted coat or a jumper, please write - I do have the yarn to make it ;-)

The doll will be sent on Monday. 

Thank you for visiting, 

Much of Love, 

Aleksandra & Alice

Alice Lea B. NFAD 14,4"

Alice Lea B. NFAD 14,4"

Alice Lea B. NFAD 14,4"

Alice Lea B. NFAD 14,4"

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