Sadie Love, 21" Angelique Angel


Meet Sadie Love, a 21" Angelique Angel doll. 

She is made with DWE Interlock and stuffed with South African wool. She has a little piece of rose quartz crystal buried in her chest. She comes with ears, elbow and knee dimples, a belly button and shapely little bottom.

Her skin colour is an olive tone. She has dark brown eyes. Her hair is a wig made with jet black Kidassia goat hide. Her straight hair is long and lustrous.

Her dress is made with a skirt of dotted tulle in four layers of different lengths. Underneath this is a layer of thick bridal satin in off-white. The sleeveless bodice is made from the same satin and fully lined. It has a widened neckline and armholes. In the front of the bodice there is a silver waistband decorated in sequins and beads. The dress does up with a zip at the back. There is also a cream satin sash at the back that ties up in a bow. Under her dress she wears pale lilac cotton panties with a little bow in front.

She has crocheted Mary Jane shoes with shell buttons. These have been made from silver metallic merino Sublime yarn from Italy, this yarn matches her shawl. (Note that this merino is not 100% as the yarn is blended with a small amount of nylon.) Her lace shawl has been knitted from a Winterludes pattern.

Sadie Love has a little tattoo on her ankle of a single flower on a stem.

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Sadie Love will ship on Tuesday with the South African Post Office. You will receive a tracking number and insurance (not the full value of the doll as this is over the limit). You should receive her within one to three weeks but please note that parcels from South Africa can take longer.

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