Frankie, 17" Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll


17" Natural Fiber Art Doll
 by Posie and Pudge

Frankie is a tender soul.
She is so very clever, and she reads and hears all that is going on around her.
Then...she sits, thinks, and all too often...worries.

Take today for instance.    The sun is shining, and we were chatting about all the fun we will have in the warm sunshine.    She smiles, and then a moment later...her brow furrows and her lip quivers. 
"Yesterday it was raining.  All the snails and worms were crawling about on the sidewalks.   What if they don't make it back to their homes before the sun warms the sidewalks?"

oh dear,   I think to myself.   I know how we will be spending our day.   We will spend it walking slowly on the sidewalk, eyes to the ground looking for worms and other wiggly creatures to save. 

She has such a huge heart, she is easily upset.  But don't feel the need to be delicate with her, because she isn't a fragile little dear.    She wants to learn all she can about the world around her, good and bad, scary and splendid; because being ignorant of the things that may wound her soul may protect her from hurt, but it would also keep her from being able to do anything about it.

If you wish to bring her home, prepare for a bajillion questions, a few tears, and many smiles.

Frankie is 17" tall, with long legs and a slim build.

Her skintone is sunkissed, from De Witte, and is a warm fair color.
She is stuffed firmly with clean carded wool, and has a sculpted bum, belly button, knees, and elbows.

Her eyes are a clear light blue, with brown lashes to match her deep brown alpaca locks. 

Frankie is a casual girl, and will come wearing:
Raglan style comfy dress, sewn from organic cotton knit and cotton gauze, with a dainty little Liberty bow on her bodice and deep pockets for collecting treasure.

Her leggings are organic cotton as well, and the color is perhaps my favorite on her...they are the color of paprika, warm and deep.

Her underskirt is sewn from a indigo cotton voile with ivory flowers and a vintage eyelet trim.

She will bringing a couple handknit goodies as well, her socks are a dusky grey merino wool and will keep her tootsies warm on chilly nights.  And she has a snuggly cowl knit with the Winterlude's cowl pattern.

For adventuring, Frankie has a pair or velvet boots with wooden buttons.

Because of her little bits, Frankie is best suited for the adult collector, or older 10+ child.

Thank you for taking a peek at Frankie, and for joining us this evening for Dollectable.  xx Kristin and Frankie

Frankie, 17"  Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll

Frankie, 17"  Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll

Frankie, 17"  Posie and Pudge natural fiber art doll

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Please allow a few days for Frankie to pack her things and say her farewells. She will be shipped with tracking and insurance. If you prefer a different delivery method, please message me after checkout so we can chat about the options. Thank you!

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