Asha, an 18" Hokey Dinah Doll


Meet Asha. 

This sweet girl made it just in time for the fun this evening! What a night to be here, alongside so many other beautiful dolls. That novelty will never wear off, and I am always proud to be sharing a passion and craft with these lovely women as friends and artists.

Asha has been sewn with Laib yala doll tricot and filled with naturally pastured and sweetly raised, local wool. Her hair is mohair weft with a wavy texture, and has been styled in pigtails with a wooly ball headband. Her face lightly sculpted, and her eyes sewn with cotton floss, this little lady is ever so sweetly unique, and I'm so happy to have her available tonight. 

Her dress is made of cotton seersucker fabric and is practically begging for the warmth of spring to stay with her. From time to time, Asha can be a little impatient so dressing for her dreams is what she tends to do. Her rectangle scarf is made from natural cotton muslin and is detailed with cotton crocheted trim. Her bright cashmere socks offset her leather viking style boots, and her striped, frilled undershorts complete her vivacious look, with gusto! 

Asha stands about 18" tall and has a slim build. Her cheeks and lips have been lightly blushed with beeswax and she comes to you having been shipped cuddling with her lavender sachet. 

If you think this joyful girl could be a part of your family, I hope to send her your way soon! Thank you for dropping by to visit the dolls, and have a wonderful weekend! 

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