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Small Ballerina. NFAD 11"

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Small Ballerina.

Sometimes the doll can be made by a coincidence. This time it happened!
Few weeks ago I was waitchig a ballet show in one school. That event was so fantastic, so great that I hadn't no doubt to make no one else than ballerina.
I didn't have much time to finish her -  I still need a week to make something warm for this sweetie. I am selling her with light pink hoodie pulover which you can't see on the pictures.

As you can see she is a small gentle doll - only 11 inch. She has got suri alpaca hair - please remember that this type of hair takes some time to brush.

Little ballerina is a natural fiber art doll. She has got a wire skeleton from her neck, to her belly, inside her legs and arms, so she can pose differently. Her skin was made from Laib Yala cotton.
.She was fullfilled with wool, cleaned and carded at home by me where animals are most welcomed :-) All her body was needle felted many many hours.

She has a medium anchor on her chest - this is my baltic signature given to each doll.
She's got dark green eyes, alpaca hair, a navel and a bum. 

She is rather slim just like 10 - 12 yo girl. 

What she wears?  shoes, a pulover, ballerina skirt, gym suit.
If you would like to give her a home,  I will be very glad, although she can stay with me ;-) I had 8 yo last time when I had ballerina - Still remember that Barbie doll...
The doll will be send within one week. just give me some time to finish a pullover.

Thank you for visiting, 

Much of Love, 

Aleksandra & Ballerina

Small Ballerina. NFAD 11"

Small Ballerina. NFAD 11"

Small Ballerina. NFAD 11"

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