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Sophie, Tall Ragdoll


Hi I'm Sophie, a tall ragdoll made by Angelique Angels.

I measure approx 19" in height. I am made with linen and stuffed with wool. I have mohair weft hair in pink curls and an embroidered face.
My dress has a velvet bodice with lace sleeves. The skirt has three layers: horsehair tulle to stiffen it, pure silk and vintage lace on top. I wear dainty ballet shoes and a silver necklace. There is a felt flower in my hair. My clothing is not removable. 

Sophie, Tall Ragdoll

Sophie, Tall Ragdoll

Sophie, Tall Ragdoll

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Shipping is within 4 working days via the South African Post Office. A tracking number will be provided. Insurance is include when offered but not all countries have this option available. Shipping is by air and takes approximately three to four weeks.

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