Naptown Boys

Brooke, 9" Napling Butterfly


Meet Brooke! A Naptown Boys Butterfly Napling.

Brooke is quite tall for a Napling, at almost 9". Her arms are button jointed using vintage yellow flower buttons. She is made out of wool interlock in pale yellow and mint green with grey accents on her wings. She has tan skin made of cotton and brown eyes. She is wearing a tutu dress made of tulle, elastic and ribbon. Brooke is stuffed with wool.

Brooke is a "Newbie's Only"  Listing.  Meaning that she is available for purchase to anyone who does not already have a Napling.  Angel's welcome.  

<3-  Nikki

Tags: Dollectable, Naptown Boys, butterfly, waldorf doll, doll, plush, wool, toy

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