Roberta Rosewater


Roberta Rosewater

Oh, I love this girl, she is to me the very sweetness that makes dolly making a true delight

She leads a quiet life, helping in her parents apothecary shop, which is one of those most interesting of places
Seemingly dark and musty smelling at first, but if you linger just a while, to wait for the sun to light the store front up just a touch. You will notice that it is actually 
Full of curious corners and shelves cleverly crowded with exciting little glass receptacles that seem to contain swirls of vapour rather than just mearly liquids or powder
And quiet as she is, Roberta is indispensable to the family business. No one else has nearly so sharp an eye, that can spot those rare and valuable fungi that seem to only grow after a warm spring or autumn rain, cling to the under belly of a nursing log and then linger only a day or two before they are gone

And so here she is Roberta Rosewater, gatherer of fungi, and creator of unguents, lover of essential oils which she cleverly mixes with lanolin that seem to posses some magical quality when rubbed into tired hands

She wears Mary Janes(note the polka dot buttons!)
Socks, undies, a sweet blouse, over dress, gorgeous cardigan by Amber Ecerg Griffiths, and a stunning cowl by Theresa Suarez
she is my flagship pattern the irrepressible Jordan, a hefty 18"
Made from dutch interlock, and stuffed with sweet smelling Pennsylvanian wool 

Any questions

Roberta Rosewater

Roberta Rosewater

Roberta Rosewater

Roberta Rosewater

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