Scarlet Elfcup

Baby Koala, a 4" Yummy Tummy Baby Elfcup


PLEASE NOTE: This Baby Koala will not be shipped until July 10 when I return from vacation. Thank you for your understanding.

WARNING: This Baby Koala loves to hug and hug and hug her Baby Eucalyptus. Please don't let them part as it will make this Baby Koala very very very sad.

Yummy Tummy Baby Elfcups creation was inspired by the nature of Spring when fauna flourish and flora bloom. They are sweet baby cheeks dressed up in baby animal suits and they carry with them baby flowers. They are handmade with extra soft, cleaned, pre-washed and repurposed 100% merino wool or 100% cashmere and softly stuffed with clean carded wool. Their facial skin is made of European imported 100% cotton jersey or 100% cotton interlock. Their ears are lined with 100% cotton fabric or 100% wool felt.  Facial features are embroidered with 100% cotton embroidery floss.  They measure about 4" tall and like to be held oh so delicately in the palm of the hands or in the warmth of a pocket.

The oh-so tiny flowers, vegetables, insects and vegetation they carry are hand knit by me and are made from 100% alpaca yarn. 

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This batch of babies will be shipped within 7 business days as I am on vacation and will not return until July 10. Thank you for your understanding. Shipping overage will be refunded.

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