Billie Boy


Please meet Billie Boy. He is a 16 inch LIEF monster doll, he is very special since he is the first LIEF monster doll made with Laib Yala fabric.

His hair is his trademark and no way he will come near a hair dresser. It is made of a very curly mohair weft and he likes it very very very much. He comes wearing blue boxers, a long sleeved off white shirt with dark blue accents, a pair of flared jeans and off course his sturdy crocheted laced boots made with lopi yarn. He also will wear a knitted vest in the same colors as his boots, but it is not pictured as he found it to warm to wear. 

Billie Boy is just as his hair, untamed, unruly, adventurous but also soft and so much fun. He loves going on adventures and is very proud that he can climb higher then any other boy. 

Billie Boy

Billie Boy

Billie Boy

Billie Boy

Tags: Dollectable, LIEF monster, doll, handmade, wool, waldorf, steiner

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