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Lulu - Cupcake Doll 10 inch


10 inch Cupcake Doll
by Lali Dolls

The name Lulu comes from Native American origin and means rabbit, so she likes everyone to know this. Lulu is sure to be a big hit for someone's Easter basket this year. She's ready for many springtime adventures with a new friend.

She is handmade with natural materials. Her head and limbs are stuffed very firmly rolled wool. Her tummy is soft and huggable, filled with wool and poly pellets for weight and flexibility. She is very floppy and a joy to hold. Her skin is 100% cotton Dewitte interlock sun kissed. She has embroidered dark brown eyes. Her hair is light blonde mohair. She comes wearing 2 skirts a bunny t-shirt, underwear, knitted bunny bonnet and knitted shoes.

Lulu - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Lulu - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Lulu - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Lulu - Cupcake Doll 10 inch

Tags: Dollectable, Lali Dolls, waldorf doll, rag doll, baby doll, cloth doll

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