Rory- 20" Posie Doll


a 20" Natural Fiber Art Doll
by Posie +Pudge

Rory is a handful.  A brilliant, bubbly, exhausting, handful.
She is always thinking and asking.     She wonders why and how.   She questions everything, and when she doesn't like the answer, she goes about to try and change whatever is bugging her.    It's hard to get a moment to think around her, as she just goes on and on....

She asks question after question while dancing and twirling, laughing, and nibbling on the gummy bears she keeps in her pockets. 
Nothing gets her down, because she believes that there is always something she can do to make this world happy.

As exhausting as she may be, she is pretty gosh darn inspiring.

 Rory likes to run around in her birthday suit...maybe skivvies and socks too if there is a chill in the air.   But, when we go out and about, clothing is sorta kinda important and she agreed to get dressed, just as long as her clothes were comfy and made her smile.

She is dressed like a rainbow.  Lots of color!  She will come wearing:
-A hand dyed sunshine yellow dress. Her dress is sewn from hemp and linen, with poofy long sleeves and mismatched vintage shell buttons in the back. 
-Her pants are jade colored corduroy, with gathered and elasticized hems and waistband.   Rory tends to fall a lot (both on accident, and on purpose to make people laugh)    So we sewed some polka dotted  wooly patches on her knees, to toughen them up.  
-Her undies are so comfy.   They are sewn from grey cotton knit, with black poof elastic trim.
-Thick and comfy fuchsia wool knit socks
-her shoes are sewn from the deepest, softest plum leather with wool ties
-and a wool shawl, knit from Peace Fleece yarn in a beautiful grey tweed with rainbow flecks.

Rory is 20" tall, with a wire armature neck, allowing gentle posing.   Her face and body have been needle felted for shape, and her limbs have been firmly stuffed with clean carded wool.    Her limbs have a flopsy feel to them, and she is a joy to snuggle and hold (until she wiggles free and runs off on one adventure or another).

Her eyes are a deep emerald, with a subtle wisp of lashes.   She has a sprinkling of freckles on her chipper little cheeks, and she has been blushed with  beeswax rouge, giving her a rosy glow.   Her hair is mohair weft, hand dyed to a vibrant ginger, sewn into a cap, and attached firmly to her head.    She has wee little elbows, knees, a bum, and some big darling ears she still has yet to grow into.

Rory is a girl who celebrates each day, and can find the happy in anything.     I hope she brings you a smile.   
Due to small parts, Rory is best for the adult collector, or an older child.

thank you for peeking! xx Kristin

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Rory will begin packing her treasures and will be ready to ship in 3-5 days...she needs a bit of time to give hugs farewell. Shipping costs include insurance. Rory will arrive well in time for the holidays in North America. If she is shipping overseas, she will be shipped Priority, but I can't guarantee Christmas arrival. If you wish to upgrade to Priority express, just let me know and I will be happy to invoice you for the difference.

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