Marley - the one love doll <3


Marley - one doll, one love!!!
Sweet Marley is full of love

She is my free Spirit pattern and this is totally true of her
From her Super-long wildly coloured Hand dyed Teeswater locks hair to her shabby chic faerie outfit

This handmade doll, is all made by me, from her pattern design, to the clothing and knit wear.
And natural, her skin is Swiss Tricot and she is stuffed with sweet smelling Pennsylvanian wool.
She has hand embroidered eyes and mouth and her hair is attached by hand to a crochet cap on her head.

Her extensive wardrobe includes a valentine themed long sleeved top, jeans, hand made crochet shoes and knitted cowl.
And then just for fun, she has a faerie outfit which includes an upcyled Matilda Jane dress and boho satchel bag for collecting "stuff"
& iridescent handmade wings 

If you have any questions please PM me at

due to small parts and delicate hair Marley is not a rough & tumble dollie, she is intended for gentle touch

Marley - the one love doll <3

Marley - the one love doll <3

Marley - the one love doll <3

Marley - the one love doll <3

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