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Nissy - 40cm Natural Fiber Art Doll

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Nissy and Tamina sprang from my imagination after reading the books Little Fur by Isobelle Carmody - Little Fur is a girl living in the middle of a big city in an ever-smaller growing park. She is part elf, part troll. She is able to communicate with animals, she can not step on man-made roads, as she needs earth under her feet. While reading the book, I was thinking how wonderful it would be to create a whole tribe for Little Fur — other beings that are similar to her, yet born from my own my imagination. 

Nissy has been in the works for a very long time - her neck has a strong wire to make it posable. She has a very slender, lanky body with sewn knees so that she can easily sit and hunker down wile in the tall grass. Her hair is pure white alpaca locks. She has a few outfits.

Tamina is a bit shorter and has fuller limbs. She is a bit less lanky with stronger legs. Her hair is made from Angora mohair goat locks — processed by me, and originating from Montana. Her neck does not have a wire in it. She also has sewn knees to make sitting with bent knees easy. She loves her outfits. 

Both come with fluffy pants to embrace her connection to the animal world — I imagine her wearing these when she wants to embrace her love and sameness to all the creatures around her. As she is a very old soul, she also has outfits made from antique laces and old linens and fine cottons. She collected the fabrics over many years and loves how girly they make her feel — quite the contrast to her wild nature. 

Nissy also has a special coat that is made from wool knit fabric and eco dyed with local leaves and black walnuts - it is amazingly warm. It has a scarf knit on to it (no picture in this listing)

While playing in the woods with Tamina, they sometimes watch little human girls play in their fanciful outfits. So they asked me to make them some fun dresses and with balloon skirts. 

Boots? Yes, because they are not pure troll, winter can get very cold — angora fiber with upcycled wool soles.

I can’t wait to hear your imaginary stories that Nissy and Tamina will have once they live with you. Please promise to take them out into nature and let them sleep on the ground so that they can connect to their true nature — and while out do that, take your shoes off and feel the grass on your own feet. 

They are available for sale separately. 


Nissy’s clothes:

Linen/cotton dress with balloon skirt bottom

Linen and antique lace overalls that can be worn as an undergarment or on their own

Underskirt with lace detail.

Linen blouse made from an antique hand-embroidered handkerchief

Eco-dyed coat with knitted on scarf from silk/mohair wool

Fake fur pants - 100%wool overalls in natural white

Tamina’s clothes:

Linen/cotton dress with balloon skirt bottom

Linen pants


Linen blouse made from an antique hand-embroidered undershirt

Upcycled wool coat with knitted on scarf

Fake fur - 100%wool overalls in natural white

~~~~~Nissy and Tamina are dolls geared for an adult collector or child of 8+, with her hair being the delicate part~~~~~


Skin: 100% cotton (Swiss-made to Öko-Tex-Standard 100)

Stuffing: 100% wool batt from Germany

Hair: My own hand-dyed wefted fibers - fibre washed, sorted, sewn into weft and sewn to a crochet a cap.

Clothing: 100% natural fibers (linen, cotton, wool)

Shoes: wet-felted from premium merino wool. 

Face: 100% cotton Embroidery Thread


Patterns and concept are custom designed by The Olive Sparrow 


Every Olive Sparrow Doll prides itself with absolutely exquisite workmanship – tiny stitches, doubly sewn seams, smooth neck – quality of design and workmanship to show your child what is possible in a hand-made toy. Please note that this doll does delicate hair and is recommended only for children over 3 years of age.


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Nissy - 40cm Natural Fiber Art Doll

Nissy - 40cm Natural Fiber Art Doll

Nissy - 40cm Natural Fiber Art Doll

Nissy - 40cm Natural Fiber Art Doll

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