Two Sweet Cuddle Babies & Their Blankie!


Two sweet and loving little cuddle gnome babies are looking for a good home!  They love cuddling and playing and reading books on the couch!

They are precious is their pink hues and oatmeal colored bodies.... they are lovingly handmade with pink 100% merino wool interlock, and cotton velour, with a brown and pink floral added as accents.  

They are loosely stuffed with warm and sweet smelling sheep's wool and remain floppy and pose-able and are wonderful to look at and carry around. 

These two will come to you with a hand knit wool pink blankie and great stories to tell!

Thank you for looking!  If you are interested in seeing more of my handwork, or learning more about me you are welcome to visit me FB page for the latest updates.

As always.... I make all of the dolls myself with love and care and attention to detail.  They come to life over many careful hours and even weeks of love and positivity infused into their wee little bodies. Often I work early in the mornings when my family is sound asleep or beginning to stir.  I put my heart into each doll and my family is very grateful for you as a supporter and lover of handmade and artisan made dolls and toys!

Thank you!

Samantha Disch

Two Sweet Cuddle Babies & Their Blankie!

Two Sweet Cuddle Babies & Their Blankie!

Two Sweet Cuddle Babies & Their Blankie!

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