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20" heirloom sock monkey


Willa is a 20" lil chickpea heirloom sock monkey. 

She's a cheeky little thing, made of the highest quality wool socks, stuffed with clean, ethically sourced wool and heavily weighted with a pouch of glass sand nestled in her big belly. 

Willa has long gangly limbs perfect for tying in knots around anything and everything. 

She is perfectly cozy in her handspun wool pom pom hat, and her knitted vest to keep her cozy in the winter snow. Her vest is also hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn by the wonderfully talented Laura of the rainbow twist shop. 
she wears cozy knitted socks in fabulously wonderful neon colours to compliment her other accessories. 

Willa's nose is made of leather and securely sewn on, and she has embroidered cotton floss eyes. 

Willa has been made for generations of hugs and mischievous fun!

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