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Inviting Play Goosie


Close your eyes,
Hold out your hands,
Set your hands like a bowl
Quiet! Gentle now,
Are you ready? .... Here you go

Do you feel the warmth?
Do you see her eyes?
Watch closely - she will come alive.

This wee goosie measures approximately 7 " from beak to feet and fits in the palm of your hand.  You and the goose can tell stories and cuddle dolls.

Goosie's wings and feet are moveable and can be used to depict flight and life.  Inviting Play Goosies are crocheted from fuzzy mohair yarn and stuffed with wool.  They have tiny jasper stone bead eyes.

With Love, Hannah Doll is NOT included.  Listing is for 1 Goosie. 

This bird is not for small children.  5 years and up please (small pieces)
This bird is my own Inviting Play design.  No two of my birds are the same. 
Thank you for supporting Inviting Play and handmade doll artisans!

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shipping overages exceeding $1 will be refunded. Birds will be shipped out on Monday. If you are international and would like tracking and insurance, please contact me after purchase at

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