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Wooden dollhouse set 1/16


This is a hand-crafted wooden dollhouse with a huge set of furniture and textile.

This doll house includes a house, a stair to the second floor, foot bridge between rooms on the second floor, a plate between rooms on the first floor (this plate can be used as the fifth room). Also this set includes furniture 1/16, all bedding, curtains etc.
The dolls on the photos are not included! They are only for making photos.

The dollhouse has such measurements in closed state:
a width is 16 inch (40,5 cm)
a depth is 13 1/4 inch (33,5 cm)
a height is 19 inch (48 cm)
a weight of this house approximately 10 kg.

All furniture is 1/16.
The furniture in the dollhouse are for four rooms:

1. A cooker with kitchen extractor fan.
2. A kitchen washer with tap.
3. A kitchen island for cooking.
4. A table with four chairs for eating.
5. A Refregerator for food.
6. A kitchen cupboard.

Living room
1. Two rocking chairs for resting.
2. A sofa for sleeping.
3. A book shelve for books.
4. A coffee table for drinking coffee.

Bedroom adults
1. A bed
2. A Wardrobe/closet for clothes.
3. A simple shelf unit that stands near the bed.

1. Bunk bed
2. A table with two stools.

The textile includes all curtains, bed linen for the bed and bunk bed, tableclothes and covers for the sofa and the chairs.

This new dollhouse was designed by me and my father. We made many attempts before our efforts finished successfully. We tried very hard to make this dollhouse most harmonious and functional in playing.
This house made of pine wood. There are NO nails. All assembly made with help of screws. Most screws are hide under wooden chops to do the house most attractive.
The material of the house processed by flax oil, which increases his durability, resistance to water and gives a brilliant matte shade.

Distinctive characteristic of this dollhouse is that it may be opened up and close back. Also you can transfer this dollhouse from one place to another very easy.
This dollhouse has two floors and opens up to give access to all four rooms. But your child can play with this house in closing state too.
In a closing state you can carry it by hand.
Thank you very much for your interest in Dollectable and my work.

Wooden dollhouse set 1/16

Wooden dollhouse set 1/16

Wooden dollhouse set 1/16

Wooden dollhouse set 1/16

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