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Seth 19" heirloom sock rabbit


Seth is an 19" heirloom rabbit. 
He has been skilfully crafted from high quality wool blend socks and stuffed with clean, wonderful wool, from a local family farm- full of happy pastured sheep. He is delightfully floppy!

Seth is a rabbit with a 
gleefully round belly. 
He has been heavily weighted with a pouch of glass sand in that awesome belly of his. 

Seth's nose is a brown cotton canvas that will fray slightly around the edges to accentuate his loved look. 
His features have been embroidered with black cotton floss. 
His ears have been lined with fleece and unbleached cotton flannel. 

Seth's vest has been crocheted from beautiful handspun art yarn by the talented artist of sheepingbeauty - about the yarn:

"This art yarn was corespun from an art batt that was hand dyed 
and carded by Liz of Hobbledehoy, here on Etsy. 
You never know what luscious fibers will turn up in these creations.
This one includes: merino, polwarth, finn,bfl, various silks, sparkle
and more
Everything is next-to-skin soft, so that you can make something 
for anyone, even a baby! "

Seth feels exceptionally fancy in such 
a nice vest! 
and one can never forget a sock rabbits socks -and Seth has chosen a mismatched pair of fushia and purple, and navy and fushia polka dots. 

thank you for stopping by to visit him!

shipping is $15 in Canada and US. 
overseas shipping will be invoiced separately for exact amount. 
All shipping includes tracking and insurance. 
Please allow one week for Seth to say his goodbyes 

Seth 19" heirloom sock rabbit

Seth 19" heirloom sock rabbit

Seth 19" heirloom sock rabbit

Seth 19" heirloom sock rabbit

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