The elemental fairies


Lief monster introduces the 4 Elemental fairies. For this first Dollectable upload they are available as a set*. If after 24 hours nobody bought the set, they will be listed seperately.

This set contains:
- Arabella the Air fairy
- Fiorella the Fire fairy
- Wanda the Water fairy
- Eva the Earth fairy

They are between 9 and 11 inches tall and are needlefelted out of a combination of different fibers (merino, silk, icelandic, leicester, heide). They are not intented as toys but as a decorational pieces,

During this summer LIEF monster has FREE worldwide shipping.

* If however you want to buy only one fairy, just contact me and I can make the one you want.

The elemental fairies

The elemental fairies

The elemental fairies

The elemental fairies

Tags: Dollectable, LIEF monster, fairy, felted, handmade, wool, waldorf, steiner

Worldwide shipping is free for this summer!

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

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