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Jude, 19-inch doll by LesPouPZ



This peppy little boy with spiky hair is also very poetic.


Jude loves deep sea tales and above all, ... whales.

He would love to be a sailor, of course, so he often jumps into big sea-like puddles!

Jude is 19 inches. His skin is swiss tricot. His hair is dark brown sewn yak hair weft.

He comes in grey striped linen strap shorts (closing with two exquisite fish pearl buttons), a blue striped tshirt, red checkered boxer shorts, and a handknitted grey woolen cardi (closing with five vintage pearl buttons). He won't forget his favourite red rainboots, his grey socks and his handknitted red woolen bonnet. Ohhh, and above all his best friend the whale - which is also stuffed with wool-!


I let you look at all the tiny pretty details on the different items of clothing ; you can see the complete album at

Jude is intended for children aged 3+, or doll lovers or collectors.

He's a one-of-a-kind doll who will for sure bring love and sunshine into your home !

He's fully articulated, and his limbs lightly weighted with fine granules.

You can find Les PouPz on facebook at

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Jude, 19-inch doll by LesPouPZ

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