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Cosette 15.5'' Wooden Art Doll by Lavande et Poupees


After sharing with you some work in process photos of this sweetie I am so excited to officially introduce you my little Cosette !

Cosette is a Wooden Natural Fiber Art Doll, entirely handmade and stands for 15.5’’ inch (40 cm)! She is hand carved in high quality linden wood, articulated in 5 points, neck area, arms area, and hips, which allow her to move and pose as desired! Do to her unique construction she can tilt her head from side to side and up and down, lift and open her arms and she has a wonderful movement on the legs, which means she is quite a delight to be posed for photos! All her limbs are ball jointed and movable, are put together by a unique stainless steel spring mechanism! Although this spring mechanism is used for all my wooden dolls, it is one of a kind created and adapted for each and every single one of them!

Although she is a wood carved doll, I really wanted her to have the most natural appearance as possible! So all her body parts are beautifully rounded, with beautiful natural curves!

Her eyes are hand painted with acrylic colors, and I really wanted to give them the most natural appearance, because in the end eyes are the window to the sole! Her adorable chubby cheeks and pouty lips are blushed with various shades of pastel colors, in multiple layers to achieve the intensity I wanted! I loved playing with blush so you can see that she has cute blushed knees and elbows and in my opinion the cutest thing ever is her bum, beautiful blushed bum! Her gorgeous hair is made from the softest and most luxurious 12’’ Suri Alpaca locks in a beautiful natural blond shade, sewn very fine in wefts and crocheted with Wild Brushable Dolly Mo mohair thread in a wig cap the securely fixed on her head! Her hair is decorated with a cute bow!

To her home she will go dressed in two complete outfits:

-A beautiful cotton and linen dress with a ruffle lace collar, with a @lavandeetpoupées leather label sewed on

 -A knitted navy blue lace shawl knitted with #DorpsNepalYarn

-A pair of white heavy gauze bloomers

 -A white underdress

-A pair of white cotton socks with lace

- And a pair of white crocheted Mary Jones shoes crocheted with egyptian cotton yarn Muskat from #Drops

-A cute tunic with Peter Pan collar made from Linen and Liberty London Fabric

- A pair of black shorts

PLEASE NOTE: Cosette is a doll designed and created only for adult collectibles, she is NOT SUITABLE for children!

She will be shipped within 3-5 working days after the purchase via Mail Express with Tracking Number!

If you would want to see more photos of Cosette or more dollies created by me  you can visit

Thank you so much for your love and support and I hope my little Cosette will bring you a lot of happiness!

Cosette 15.5'' Wooden Art Doll by Lavande et Poupees

Cosette 15.5'' Wooden Art Doll by Lavande et Poupees

Cosette 15.5'' Wooden Art Doll by Lavande et Poupees

Cosette 15.5'' Wooden Art Doll by Lavande et Poupees

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Cosette will be shipped within 3-5 business days after payment via Mail Express (with Traching Number)

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