A wee one by Luletti


This little one stands just under 9" (22cm) tall. 

Like all Luletti dolls she is quite the adventuress, and being as little as she is, she is a perfect portable companion and confidant :) 
She has blue eyes, white blonde hair (a hand crocheted wig made with Brushable Wild mohair) Her body is made with a gorgeous thick 100% wool fabric in a lovely mustard colour and she is firmly stuffed with organic sheep wool. 
 She wears a little hand knit poncho with eyelets and picot edge details. This is worked in a lovely soft cashmere wool blend (Plucky Bello in lake placid). (this listing does not include the flowery wellies ;)

This little one and her knitwear are entirely and lovingly handmade by me :)

Luletti dolls are not suitable for small children under the age of 4 due to long fibres.

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A wee one  by Luletti

A wee one  by Luletti

A wee one  by Luletti

A wee one  by Luletti

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