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Seraphina sweet serenity, 23" Inviting Play girl


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Made from my largest pattern, Seraphina stands about 23" tall.  She is slender and sophisticated and floppy and substantial.  She has hair made from dark brown commercial mohair weft, tan skin, dark brown eyes, a sprinkling of freckles and a calmness of presence. 
Seraphina has the Inviting Play armature system; Buried deep inside her woolly tissue is a muscular skeletal system that allows her legs and arms and neck to bend slightly and hold gentle poses.  She is very firm and feels just like a wool doll without armature.

Inviting Play dolls come dressed like real people.  I design each item as a unique piece for each doll.  I do begin the process by reusing my own pattern shapes but I'm always creating new variations, adding different details for different dolls and trying new things.  

Seraphina comes with green cotton undies accented with pretty pink elastic and matching green cotton socks.  She has shoes with leather soles.  The lined uppers are made from my all-time favorite corduroy fabric that I originally purchased to make my oldest son's first school pants.  The fabric is blue with light blue spots and its soft and perfect for shoes.  The shoes close with an elastic loop over a leather button.

 I knitted two pieces for Seraphina; her striped hat that she wears basically all the time (summer and winter) and a long pinafore dress she wears whenever she wants an over layer.
She has light cotton periwinkle pants with giant stripey pockets.  She's been wearing them for beach walks and collects all sorts of treasures and sand in them.  They can be cuffed or left long. 

Worn with her pants or pinafore she has a flower blouse. It is cotton with several pintucks and gathered sleaves.  It closes with pretty pearl buttons. 

Without a doubt, her favorite outfit is her apple suit.  I think now that she's seen them, she'll most often be seen in her apple overalls.

Seraphina is not designed to be a toy for children.  She most is appropriate for people 8 and up. 

I heard recently that we don't create a different thing each time - but that essentially each of us has one truth and purpose that we can't get away from in our makings.  We revisit this one theme time and time again in our makings (whether our makings are dolls, other art forms, writing, thinking, working, raising children, making music).  Seraphina is that truth for me.  She is sweetness and serenity.  She provides this calm in a crazy time of global uncertainty and unprecedented crudeness hatred and violence - she brings me back to goodness.  Dolls give us all something and for me, my dolls give me calmness, reassurance and the feeling that goodness will prevail.  and Seraphina - well she encapsulates all that.  She's wool and cotton and thousands of stitches and thoughts and practice and endurance and love and tenacity - but at her essence she is simply sweet and serene.

Thank you for supporting Dollectable, handmade dolls, doll artists, and Inviting Play.  It is only with your support, that I am able to bring these wool souls into the world.  Thank you. 
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