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"Noelle" a 16.5 inch, OOAK, Natural Fiber Art Doll



“When the geese are flying south
And the sky is grey, my dears,
Close your eyes and lift your nose;
Listen with your careful ears.

Feel the winter coming on;
Hear it in the crackling trees;
Note the crisping, quivering wind
Sharply snapping at their leaves.

Feel it on the windowpanes-
Chilly glass on fingertips-
Mark the biting of the air,
Heated breath on numbing lips.

See it in the early eves,
In the glowing sunset where
Shadows of the naked trees
Rattle in the biting air.

Watch the nuthatch and the wren;
They know it is time once more
To abandon careful nests,
Let the frost rest on your face;

Sense a shiver on your skin.
See how pretty nature is
When she ushers winter in.”

-Barbara Vance-

I would like to formally introduce you to Noelle. Noelle is made of natural fibers, where possible, and stands a little over 16 inches tall. Noelle has a slender body style with shapely limbs. I have firmly needle felted Canadian wool around a substructure that includes wooden beads, disk joints, and wire armature.

I have created a wire armature that will allow Noelle’s arms, and independent fingers bend and hold their position. I have also added wooden beads to her knees and elbows, and disk joints to her hips and neck. This allows her head to turn, and limbs to bend in the most natural manner possible.

To add to her realism, I have also placed tiny, strategic stitches along her nose, mouth and the lash lines of her eyes to hug her skin close to the sculpted wool features. Noelle’s skin is high-quality, cotton jersey made in the Netherlands. Her seams are machine stitched twice, and where hand stitching is necessary, I diligently stitch the seams three times to ensure sound construction.

I have lovingly embroidered Noelle’s enchanting, blue/gray eyes with multiple shades of cotton thread. I have accented her eyes with synthetic lashes and securely stitched them to her eyelids. The color on her face and limbs has been added by brushing them with a combination of beeswax and Prismacolor colored pencil.

Noelle’s wig has been made from a commercially made, mohair weft. I have then earnestly stitched it to her head. Noelle’s hair can be brushed and gently restyled with your hands to your liking. You can also use a flat or curling iron, on a low temperature setting, to create a multitude of different hairstyles for her.

I have made Noelle’s outfits myself. I have created a wardrobe of articles that are perfect for layering, yet each piece is beautiful on its own. Her clothing includes two dresses. The first is a natural white with red polka-dot cotton dress with a peter pan collar. Noelle’s second cotton dress has been printed with red berry baring branches, and tiny red birds. I have accented this dress with red ribbon sewn in loops at the bottom of the skirt and tied a matching red ribbon around the waist.

To keep Noelle warm, I have created her a velvet, hooded cloak in crimson and adorned the hood with white rabbit fur. Under her dresses, you will find a pair of white cotton jersey underpants with red rose detail and white tights. To finish her ensemble, I have made Noelle a pair of brown leather and white rabbit fur mocassins and embellished them with tiny red and white beads.

Noelle’s headdress has also been made by myself. I have needle felted wool around a wire substructure to create her reindeer antlers. I have then made red, wool felt poinsettia flowers with white beaded centers and stitched them to a velvet headband that ties at the back of Noelle’s neck.

Please keep in mind that Noelle is an art doll, not intended for children, and would be better suited to a collector. Thank you for taking the time to visit us here and reading a little more about Noelle.

If you would like to see more pictures of Noelle, I invite you to have a look at her on my blog

Much Love and Gratitude,
Tara Whittaker

"Noelle" a 16.5 inch, OOAK, Natural Fiber Art Doll

"Noelle" a 16.5 inch, OOAK, Natural Fiber Art Doll

"Noelle" a 16.5 inch, OOAK, Natural Fiber Art Doll

"Noelle" a 16.5 inch, OOAK, Natural Fiber Art Doll

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