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Clara Marie and the New Doll. An 18" Doll Set. 4 hour auction


Clara Marie is an thin 18" Inviting Play doll. 

She is the first Inviting Play doll made from the Swiss fabric Laib Yala and she is triple stitched and stuffed with wool and love. 

She has long golden hair made from bleached camel weft.  The hair is hardy, can be lightly combed and is fun to style. 

She has light skin with a pinkish tone.  Her eyes are blue. 

She is very flexible and floppy and therefore easy to pose.

Because of my rookie attempt at a new fabric, she is not very sturdy on her feet  as past Inviting Play dolls and prefers to sit or stand with help.  In addition, she has a little wrinkle under one of her cheeks. 

She was made with great inspiration from various Nutcracker stories and in fact will go home with a delightful copy of a vintage cloth bound story book called the Nutcracker of Nuremberg by Donald E. Cooke.  The book would be wonderful read aloud in front of a cozy fire.

Of course she'll bring home her own wooden nutcracker as well.  It is a 3 " German made hand painted vintage nutcracker - and I'm sure it has a lot of stories to tell.

Her clothes were designed to look like my own idea of what a classic Victorian child would wear at a Christmas Eve party.  They are mostly made from carefully chosen cotton and silk vintage fabrics, ribbons and tiny details.  Some of them have little marks or dis-colorings - kisses from the past - is how I think of them.

She has a cotton night gown with ribbons to gather and fasten and fuzzy, pink, crocheted slippers.  She also has a small pillow and soft flannel blanket.

She wears pantaloons or pantalettes made from vintage cotton eyelet under all her clothes. 

Her slip is cotton lawn with a pink ruffle and could be worn as a breezy summer dress as well. 

Her party dress is made of very light pink cotton fabric and vintage embroidered cotton organza.  It has garnet and silk details and closes with sewn on snaps. 

Her coat is a vintage embroidered cotton brocade fabric and has vintage red velvet collar and closes with pewter clasps. 

She wears pink leather ballet slippers as her party shoes. 

Her hair has silk ribbons. 

Clara Marie is not appropriate for children under five.  She has many small parts and clothing would be hard for a young child to get on and off.

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♥♥♥♥ Thank you for supporting hand made dolls and their makers.  ♥♥♥♥♥

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Clara Marie will ship (priority with insurance for USA customers) out on Monday December 9th. She will arrive at any USA location in time for Christmas Eve but I cannot guarantee that she will arrive at an international destination in time for Christmas. For an additional fee, International customers can add priority shipping - please contact me for information. I will refund any shipping overages over $2

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