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Mapuana a 13" handmade cloth doll by Inviting Play


Mapuana is a 13 - 14 inch Inviting Play child.  I call him Mapper for short. 
He has the softest brushed mohair cap in a mesmerizing blue color.  He has terracotta skin and blue eyes.  He comes with two pairs of pants. 
One pair is blue with brown spots and can be turned up for hiking.  The other pair of pants is made from an organic knit stripe and they are loose and cozy. 
Mapper has two long sleeved t-shirts which snap in the back. I crocheted him a merino wool fisherman's sweater and cap.  The sweater closes with a pewter clasp that is fun to open and close.  His clogs are made from lined wool felt and have leather soles. 

His undies are orange with polka dots. 
  Because of his fuzzy hair that may shed and tiny things like snaps and clasps, Mapper is not appropriate for children under 3. 

You can read more about Mapper on the Inviting Play blog:

Like all Inviting Play dolls, each part of  Mapper was made by me in my studio. All seams are triple stitched and each doll is stuffed with wool and love. 
Please let me know if you have any questions and Thank you for supporting hand made single artisan dolls.

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Mapuana will ship out on the next business day. I ship Priority with insurance within the United States. International purchases will ship first class. Upon request for an additional shipping cost, I can ship in other ways for international customers. Send me a message after your purchase. I will refund shipping overages that exceed $2.

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