Minnie ~ a Free Spirit


Introducing Minnie, a 16" friend

Here for you is the lovely Minnie, and although she fills my heart with joy she is a little toad!!
Refusing to brush her hair, (although I hate to admit it, its suits her, all unruly, hehe!) she is a terror, be prepared to be firm with her!
She comes with quite a few fun extras that will make her a fun box to open, including a handy satchel knit from luxury yarn, sweet giraffe PJs that tug and my heart strings (secured with snaps)
Her darling undies are made from the same sweet giraffe interlock as I couldn't get enough of it
Her knits include matching all wool rainbow gnomey hat and cowl.
Wool Mary Janes, a cute waffle knit long sleeve top (so fun for layering) and a SWEET upcycled Matilda Jane skirt.
Her hair is to die for soft and shiny alpaca (it is super fine and tends to shed so I have included a lint roller to keep her pretty!)
She is created from dutch interlock, sweet smelling wool and cotton thread.

Oh and the little drizzle star by Suzi at Puddlefoot dolls, was stolen for the photo shoot but belongs to someone else!! - Sorry!

Any questions just PM me
Abby   xoxoxox

Minnie ~ a Free Spirit

Minnie ~ a Free Spirit

Minnie ~ a Free Spirit

Minnie ~ a Free Spirit

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