"Talia" a semi custom Wood & Wool poseable doll



I'm Talia!!

 I'm dark and sleek,

 maybe shy and meek,

 I'm wild and free,

 or a princess, that's me!

 I'm shabby and chic,

 Indecisive I think!

I know who I am, I promise I do. But the final decision, I'll leave that to you!

I can't wait to meet my family, and see their gentle, loving home! So thank you for bidding.... now here's to the unknown!

^^ Beautiful, colorful top is by Abby Owsley Dolls! :)

Talia is a 21" tall Wood & Wool poseable doll by Glimmer Row. She has a ball jointed wooden core that is covered in felted wool. She is an Art doll intended for a collector or for very gentle hands.

This listing is a Semi-custom!!!!

You choose hair and one custom outfit. Please allow up to one week for your choices to be completed.

Outfit can include...




custom shoes are not available

Talia will come with tights & socks. The boots, and mary jane shoes in the photos above are included, as well as the custom outfit of your choice.

(the photographed clothing items were used for modeling purposes, although some of the modeled clothing can be chosen if desired)

The options for her hair are shown above. In order of pictures...

Black/espresso yak weft (natural color, undyed)

Auburn or carrot curly adult mohair weft

Dirty blonde kid mohair locks (natural, undyed)

Wavy adult mohair weft in either blonde, brown or dark brown

Her wig will be made with the crochet cap method, crocheted with mohair yarn to allow for a natural looking blend of weft into the cap.

Talia has ears and a cute bum! Fingers and toes! :)

Her Skin is cotton jersey, she is hand felted with 100% wool batting and all of her features are hand sculpted. Her eyes are embroidered with cotton floss. Hand sewn seams are sewn with heavy duty thread for durability.

Thank you so much for considering adding Talia to your family!

Please checkout directly after the auctions end. If you have any questions the best place to contact me is on my facebook page.

:)  Lindsey


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