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Clover, a "big" 12" Petite Fleur


Meet Clover, the sweet little white flower whose leaves are known to bring luck and good fortune.  She is a 12" Petite Fleur style doll by Mon Petit Frère. Clover is the first of her kind, being that she is 33% bigger than her Petite Fleur brothers and sisters.  This style of doll has button jointed hips and sewn shoulders, dimples on the knees, a belly button and a sculpted bottom. She can sit unassisted and stand on her own as well with the proper balance.

She comes wearing a deep mauve linen dress, a patterned purple eyelet over-skirt with lace trim, a hand knit cowl with wooden buttons and a hairband made from vintage French trim. She also comes wearing a pair of underwear, socks and leather tie up shoes.

Clover is made of 100% cotton woven fabric and firmly stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is a wig made from DollyMo mohair yarn, crocheted into a wigcap, which is brushed out to create fine wispy hair. The wig is securely sewn to her head. Her deep brown eyes and eyebrows and freckles are embroidered.

Clover is a collectible doll and designed for the adult doll collector. Due to small parts and long fibers, she is not to be given to small children.

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