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Lilou - a so truly baby by Thalita Dol


Lilou is a fresh wooly soul. She was born into the early morning, along with all the birds' first songs of the day. When she cried her first baby cry, the morning star smiled: She has a bright future ahead, she sure does! She is so loved...

Little Lilou was born in my dreams long before I could bring her to dolly-life.

I dreamed of a baby that had that newborn squishy sweet face. I saw her face in my mind, and it was almost like she could breathe, like my own little pinocchio. But I had to wait looooong before I could use my hands to bring her from my mind into the real world.
My skills needed to mature so I could walk the right path towards this little wool baby.

Then that day came. I woke up, and I knew I could finally meet her in real life!
I started rolling the wool for her head. Many days and many nights went into finding her face in the wool with my felting needles.
I loved her from begining, but it was a magical moment when I finally got to see her little face in my hands!

I designed a new body pattern for her. She has firmly stuffed, weighted limbs. But her belly is linned with fleece, weighted, and only softly stuffed. So she is really posable, and her movements are truly lifelike.

Lilou measures around 16in and fits loosely into NB clothes, like a real newborn baby.
She was made with sunkissed DWE, stuffed with sweet smelling sheep's wool. She is weighted with rock sand. Her hair is a blond mohair kemper wig securely sewn in place.
She was colored with beeswax crayons and CaranD'Ache pencils (that is why she is NOT WASHABLE and I highly recomend her to adult collectors or 8+ gentle kids)

She goes home with:

Flanel sacque
vintage style diaper cover
simple vintage style cloth diaper with a pin
Pink beanie
Pink blanket (knitted by Isaura Carvalho)
Yellow booties (Also knitted by Isaura Carvalho)
Merino wool bonnet
Chambray flowery romper

She is hoping to know her mama's (or daddy's) name today!

You can see more pics of Lilou here
And a Video of her getting dressed here

Lilou - a so truly baby by Thalita Dol

Lilou - a so truly baby by Thalita Dol

Lilou - a so truly baby by Thalita Dol

Lilou - a so truly baby by Thalita Dol

Tags: Dollectable, waldorf inspired, natural fibers art doll, baby doll. realistic baby doll

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