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Azalea- 8.5" Petite Fleur style doll by Mon Petit Frère


Meet Azalea! She is a 8.5" Petite Fleur style doll by Mon Petit Frere. This style of doll has button jointed hips and shoulders, dimples on the knees and elbows, a belly button and a sculpted bottom. She can sit unassisted and stand on her own as well with the proper balance.She comes with a dress made with smocked detail, Liberty trim and pink tulle, a yellow cotton lace underskirt, a pair of underwear, and leather shoes.

Azalea is made of 100% cotton woven fabric and firmly stuffed with clean carded wool. Her hair is made from corespun Wensleydale locks yarn which are securely sewn to her head. 

Azalea is a collectable doll and not designed for small children. She is for the adult collector or an older child who will treat her with care. Due to small parts and long fibers, she is not for children under 3. 

*Payment is to be made within 24 hours of purchase. She will be shipped to the address associated with the Paypal address that payment is made with.*

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