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India - a 21 inch cloth doll


India, the oldest of three sisters, is serious and responsible and full of wisdom, if a bit unconventional. Sometimes she'll give you a quirky bit of wisdom but still meaningful and useful all the same. Her sisters are always coming to her for advice or just to listen to her talk for she always has a story to tell. Her imagination is vast and vivid, uncontained by the confines of the world, has soared through space and roamed the places where fairies live.

India is a OOAK cloth doll made by me and inspired by the Waldorf tradition of doll making.  She stands around 21/22 inches tall. Her red brown skin is oko-tex certified cotton tricot imported from Switzerland. She is stuffed with clean, carded wool using a method that will retain her shape in the years to come. Her eyes are a Mediterranean blue, and both eyes and mouth are embroidered cotton floss. Her cheeks are blushed with bees wax crayon and she has an adorable beauty mark on her right cheek. She has a belly button, bum, and knees. She can sit on her own and stand on her own when positioned just right.  Her dark brown curly hair is a wig made of mohair weft and mohair yarn using a modified version of the Fairywool technique and securely sewn down.  Her hair may be gently styled in many different ways.

India comes with a dress made of organic cotton and lined with cotton voile. She also comes wearing cotton undies and shoes made of wool felt. Her clothing may be gently hand washed in cool water and laid flat to dry.

Should India get dirty during play, spot clean with a mild soap. Dry thoroughly. In the rare instance your she needs a bath, use mild soap and tepid water. Her hair can be washed gently, avoiding agitation in the water. (I recommend gently washing doll hair with conditioner only as most shampoo can dry out the fiber.) Dry both the doll and hair thoroughly by pressing with a clean microfiber towel until all water is removed.

Due to the presence of small parts, this doll is not recommended for the young children.

As with all handmade products, you may find a stray thread here or there or some other tiny matter. I put forth the greatest effort to ensure you receive a high quality product.

India was loving made for play and love. 

You can read more about the sisters here on my blog at

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