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Irčne,15'' Natural Fiber Art Doll by Les PouPZ


This lovely little lady will be happy to snug into your arms.

She has plenty of stories to tell you, imaginary ones, peopled with nice princes and princesses.

She comes with her whole outfit, composed of a handknit lacy dress, in a lovely pale pink colour, an underdress I made from authentic vintage lace fabric from my collection, a pair of handkit lacy boots in a gorgeous yellow colour.


She will also bring her favourite cowl and her lace hair bow.


Irčne is 15 inches -a bit more in fact! She's made of natural fibers, and her head and body are totally needle felted. Her skin is DeWitte Engel fabric in fair colour. Her hair is made of a Tibetan lamb skin wig in a gorgeous plum colour. This hair is very easy to do in many different hairdoes. It can be combed with a wide teethed comb, and gently sprayed to keep the lovely little curls.

She has a weighted body. I added dollmaking beads into a secured pouch into her belly. Her arms and legs are rolled for more firmness and durability.

Irčne has an armature running from the core of her head deep down into her belly. This allows her to pose her head gently.


Please note this doll is made for collectors; numerous little parts and long fibers could be dangerous to little children.

Thank you for reading!

Tags: Dollectable, lespoupz, natural fiber art doll, Waldorf-inspired

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