Alma, 17/18 inch waldorf inspired doll


Alma is a 17/18 inch  Puppula handmade doll, made out of my new pattern  "Puce". She is made from high quality Swiss cotton interlock and she is stuffed with cleaned and carded pure wool. Her face is hand embroidered with cotton floss. Her gorgeous hair is made of a precious mohair locks crocheted into a wig. Her hair can be very gently styled with fingers.
Alma has a cute ears,
elbow and knee dimples, a belly button and a cute butt.
She is slightly weighted- her hands, foot and butt are filled with Glorex Granulex.
She can sit nicely.
Alma will come with everything pictured below.
She wears a cotton Liberty print shirt, a cotton velvet jump suit, a cotton jersey socks and knitted  shoes. She also has
a knitted shawl.

Please take a look at Alma's album for more pictures and info

Alma is not suitable for small children. Due to very delicate hair, she is more suitable for adult collectors.

*Her shoes are knitted according to Snugletti pattern by Luletti

** $15 was added to the regular price due to expensive mohair locks.

Alma,  17/18 inch waldorf inspired doll

Alma,  17/18 inch waldorf inspired doll

Alma,  17/18 inch waldorf inspired doll

Alma,  17/18 inch waldorf inspired doll

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