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Wilhelmina - 16" Petit Gosset Doll


I love Spring! - said Willie looking through the foggy window. - Without a doubt, it’s my favorite time of the year. I love watching the Earth wake up, with its snow starting to melt and release its damp smell, and currents of water rushing down the streets, the perfect little rivers for floating paper boats…

Wilhelmina (she actually prefers her short name Willie) is a sweet and funny little girl, about 16 inches tall, made with swiss jersey and stuffed with eco-wool from Oregon. Her torso was weighted with a sun-kissed stone, brought from the Mediterranean shore. Her face was needle-felted, deep brown eyes and mouth — embroidered, and freckles — painted. Willie’s hair was made with silky soft wefted mohair and could be gently brushed and braided.

Together with Willie, we carefully chose the fabrics for her clothing. She insisted on spring colors and a comfortable style, since she loves to spend time outdoors, playing in puddles or riding her bicycle (not included with the doll). She comes wearing a lovely pair of wide pants, made from Japanese cotton, a warm cotton sweater, with cashmere neck and pocket, cotton underwear and corduroy/wool boots with leather laces. And to keep Willie warm on a cooler day or in the evening, we made a cozy cashmere poncho for her. So no need to worry if she spends too much time outside!

Willie is recommended for children 6+ or an adult collector. If you would like to read her story and for more pictures, please visit my blog!

Wilhelmina - 16" Petit Gosset Doll

Wilhelmina - 16" Petit Gosset Doll

Wilhelmina - 16" Petit Gosset Doll

Wilhelmina - 16" Petit Gosset Doll

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