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Cece - 12" Baby doll


Baby Cece

12" Floppy Baby doll

Cece is a waldorf inspired floppy baby. She is designed to be like many of the vintage style dolls with very floppy limbs. Her head is made in the method of waldorf dolls with rolled wool. It is then felted for detailed facial features. Her skin is cotton interlock from the Netherlands and is stuffed with wool. Her body contains a small bag of glass doll weighting beads for a little extra weight.  She has a brown partial cap mohair wig. She has blue eyes. Cece is a special detailed girl with fingers, toes, dimples detail added. She comes with a sweet handmade cotton velour romper, diaper and pixie bonnet, as well as blusher cloth and signed and dated birth certificate with her name on it. 

Cece - 12" Baby doll

Cece - 12" Baby doll

Cece - 12" Baby doll

Cece - 12" Baby doll

Tags: Dollectable, waldorf doll, cloth doll, rag doll, soft sculpture, human figure, stuffed doll

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