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Rosanna - Natural Fiber Art Doll

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Rosanna (Ros-AnnA -- never "Rosann") is a very shy girl that is quite nervous about finding her forever family. She hopes to go live in a place where there are opportunities to be all bundled up -- she feels so happy when she is dressed in layers and layers of clothing -- yet she also loves running around with her hair in the wind and her arms bare. We have discussed how there are so many parts of the world where she could do both. 


Rosanna is a doll made from my own pattern -- she is a waldorf inspired doll with 100% wool hair -- a perfect play doll. She is 45cm (17") tall with a slender build. She has the proportions of a 6-7 year old child. Her body is sewn from Swiss dollmaking fabric in light brown colour. Her eyes are light brown and she has lovely freckles. 

Rosanna wears underwear (but of course), leggins, socks and shoes. She also has a reversible dress that can be worn closed to the back or the front. Her upcycled red cardigan is made from italian merino wool. Her yellow scarf is made from a rougher wool -- it is knit in traditional triangular shape with fringes along the bottom -- there are so many ways to wear it -- even as a head scarf. 
Rosanna also has a chunky-knit hat with a dancing pompom -- I mean.. who doesn't want to have a dancing pompom, right?

Rosanna's clothing has one large button to close her cardigan and 3 snaps to close her dress -- so she is meant for a child 3 years of age or older, or an adult collector. 

Rosanna - Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosanna - Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosanna - Natural Fiber Art Doll

Rosanna - Natural Fiber Art Doll

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